The interesting thing about Photography is is that even when I look through the lens and take what I think is a great shot, when I start editing the photograph I notice a lot of things that I didn’t see when I took the picture.


Food photography is my absolute favorite. Being a cook myself when I am preparing any dish it is the same if I was starting with a blank canvas in Photoshop. Cooking is just another art form where you get to express yourself, be creative and think outside of the proverbial box.


Buildings, bridges and structures in my opinion can be tricky. You want the shot to be interesting enough to sell itself. If it’s a rental or for sale you want that shot to have that “wow look at that” factor in order to persuade potential clients to want to take a closer look into the property.


Candid shots involve catching people in the moment and freezing them in that moment forever. When I look though pictures in photo albums the candid shots make me stop and think, what was this person doing, how were they feeling, why do they look happy or sad?


In my opinion creating a graphic whether it be a flyer, a logo or a cover takes the most time to conceptualize and create. In my experience¬†most people have a difficult time describing their vision or some just don’t have one to begin with. And that’s difficult because when I close my eyes and try to visualize what someone wants for a design there are times when our visions¬†are not the same.


Most people would agree that pets are adorable. What I find is that animals love to pose for pictures. They make great test subject when you’re testing out lighting situations and they are always curious about the camera. They look at me as if to say “catch this pose man I’m doing it for the gram”.