CGT Consultants

Tax Preparation, book keeping and payroll services.

Estate Creative Agency

Estate Creative Agency is a creative streetwear fashion agency specializing in curating fashion brands and events across the country, Estate Showroom not only sells sneakers but high end footwear, denim and apparel.

Cordrey Viti Doll

Cordrey Viti Doll, is a new line geared to help people all over the world tap into their beauty and let them know that beauty is more than skin deep, to let those who have been blessed to be made different know that they to are still beautiful.

Street Judge TV

Street Judge is focused in bringing to light the independent artists in the culture of HipHop and R&B, by combining a strong grassroot outreach and the use of technological tools we wish to showcase as many different artists of the culture we keep dear to our hearts.


Hoolyville is an artist collaborative that focuses on bringing talented people in and nurturing their art. Everyone follows the same steps to success. Hoolyville teaches you how to take control of your music and become your own label.


Illest bundles is what women want. Hair/Beauty products illest bundles is all about.